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Many people have homes they love, but need more area to function efficiently. By adding square footage to the existing homes, homeowners are able to enjoy their current surroundings and gain completely new freedom. Many times the options for an addition do not have to be limited. We have added space to homes for sunrooms, master bedroom suites, family rooms, offices, garages, basements, and laundry rooms.

By keeping the flow of the home in mind, our design team can mesh the new space with the existing area for a competent, functional floor plan. If lot requirements do not allow for an addition, remodeling is another option. Amazing transformations can take place by simply removing a wall, changing the layout of a kitchen or even adding windows or doors. If you are looking for a less invasive way to modernize your home, changing countertops, installing new trim and up dating fixtures could be the way to go.

“Built Right The First Time”
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"Ratermann's made us aware of all the possible options available for our home but the final decision was ours.  They made sure we were happy with the work that was being done and have continued to assist us when a question arises about our home." 

                       Ted & Tina Riethman
"We are absolutely thrilled with the handiwork Ratermann's provided and would highly recommend them to anyone. We love to show off our new home and tell visitors that after two years, there is not a thing we would change!" 
                       Rick & Karen Riethman
"Frank Ratermann is highly professional and completely honest. He maintains a good crew and chooses and manages his subcontractors well. It has been a pleasure to work with Ratermann Custom Home Builders." 
                            Robert L. Zielsdorf